We have several training services available, ranging from basic obedience and house breaking training to advanced obedience, as well as scent detection including but not limited to truffles, bed bugs, bombs and narcotics.

We offer several training programs:

crate training, sit, heel, down, stay and place. $1200.00

ADVANCED OCEDIENCE: 6-8 week program
above plus off leash training. $1200.00
dogs must have completed the Puppy Obedience program

dogs must stay until 6 months and complete at least the puppy obedience program. For non-Terra Incognita dogs this program is 3 months

BasicTruffle Training, scent work, bomb and narcotics are 4 week programs $1200.00
Dog must be evaluated as a suitable canidate prior to acceptance to this course.

Behavior modification and rehibilition issues prices and time frame vary depending on problem and severity.

Service dog training is offered for peanut and food allergies, wheel chair bound, autism, and emotional and physical disabilites. For famlies with minors this service is offered at no charge, but you must provide your own dog. All suitable dog canidates will be accepted.

Our training programs are open to all dogs, pure breed and mix dogs.
Please call for openings and availability.

Training Center
"La Guardia K9"
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