Our Breeding Program:
The team behind Terra Incognita:
Sandra & Jacki
Sandra Schmidt

Sandra lives in the US for half of the year, the rest she spents in Europe showing dogs. Right now some of our dogs are with her in Italy, the rest is here on the farm.

Sandra is showing and handling Lagotti (and other breeds) professionally in Europe for over 15 years.

She is a dog groomer and trainer and owned her own business for years before focusing on mainly showing dogs. She is the one responsible for keeping our Lagotti looking like Lagotti...

Due to her reputation as a handler/breeder we were able to aquire several very nice dogs to begin our breeding program with. With those dogs we have been campaigning in multiple countries almost every weekend for the last three years. We have been very successful and enjoyed it very much.

Jacki Barbieri

Jacki has been heavily involved in dogs since she was a child. She is an animal behaviorist, trainer, and worked as a veterinarian technician for 10 years as a surgical technician.
Jacki is handling and training dogs since she was eight years old and is breeding for over ten years. She also is visiting Europe for dog shows about three times a year on average for the last five years.

A big passion of her is animal rescue and her greatest pride is that she has rescued as many dogs as she has bred. Jacki is actively involved with rescue and greatly driven to give back to the animal community. She believes it is an ethical responsibility for anyone who is reproducing dogs to do everything they can to provide for needy animals.
On average we have five to ten animals available for adoption here on the farm. Often they are sick, injured or behaviorally challenged. It is a great blessing to be able to do this for animals that need love, and our valueless by societies standards. All life has value even if its only valuable to itself.

Jacki is very lucky to have a wonderful husband and two great children who support and help her with all of her endeavors.
We are very blessed to have many dogs with a 3 generation genotype to go back on. When we breed a litter, we have a personal knowledge of the genetic and behavioral background.
We have had the luxury of meeting several generations of parents and siblings of the dogs in our program and also have many dogs in our program that produced dogs to adulthood. This is a very, very important thing. No matter how good a pedigree looks or how good the testing is. You have no idea what problems or positives a dog will produce until you have seen offspring that have reached the two year mark. It takes three generations (if your lucky) of solid breeding to have any idea what the genetics of a bloodline hold. If you don’t have that, putting two dogs together is simply a crap shoot. Phenotype (physical appearance of a dog) and the testings of a parent dog has nothing to do with the health or the quality of the puppies it will produce. In other words if the siblings of the parent had health problems, the parent with perfect health will more than likely reproduce the problem.
So in our program we focus very heavily to have a deep understanding of the dogs we use. We are breeding to maintain the health and temperament of the breed as well as we maintain a strict dedication to the FCI breed standard, in hope to keep intact all the things that make this breed so unique.
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Our kennel is located in the southwest part of Missouri on a 53 acre farm with about six ponds and lots of beautiful woods to wander through.
We have 5 acres fenced around the house with a doggie door that the dogs can go in and out of. We also have about 6 acres fenced in 8 foot chain link separated into 3 large runs which has its own pond and is beautifully filled with trees. It attaches to a large out building with 10 x 10 indoor heated and cooled runs.
Our dogs are an active part of our daily life and all of the dogs have access to the house unless we are gone at a show.

Beside the breeding dogs we also own several rescued dogs, horses, cats, chicken and other critters.
Our Farm:
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